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    BYG91: Cost indices for refuse collection, slurry pump and freight transport by road (2022=100) by index type and unit
    Unit : Index

    Please notice: With the publication of the 4th quarter 2023 three new indices have been added to BYG91:
    Refuse collection excl. fuel (2022Q2 - )
    Slurry pump excl. fuel (2022Q2 - )
    Freight transport by road excl. fuel (2022Q2 - )

    In addition, as of 4th quarter 2023 the base year for all indices has been changed to 2022 = 100. This affects index levels of historical indices but not the quarterly and yearly development rates, although due to the rounding of decimals during the switch, they may differ in a magnitude of +/- 0,1 percentage points compared to previous development rates.

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