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Sustainable Development Indicators
Gender Equality
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Latest releases

INDIC501: Educational attainment in total population 1 January by unit, level, reporting country and sex
INDIC301: Share of energy from renewable sources by reporting country and energy indicator
INDIC302: Greenhouse gases, national emissions in 1000 tonnes CO2 equivalents by sector and reporting country
INDIC404: Development in municipal waste generation and treatment by type of treatment, reporting country and unit
INDIC105: Employment and unemployment by employment status, reporting country, age and sex
INDIC104: Population by unit, reporting country and degree of urbanisation
INDIC102: Gross domestic product in PPS/euro by account and reporting country
INDIC401: Decoupling of environmental pressures from economic development by indicator, reporting country and unit
WORK02: WORK02: Employment and unemployment by reporting country, employment status, sex and age
INDIC103: General government surplus, deficit and debt by reporting country, parameter and currency
INDIC107: Gini coefficient by reporting country
INDIC108: Risk of poverty (pct. of households) by reporting country, type of household and threshold
INDIC402: Eco-labelling in the Nordic countries by type of eco-label
INDIC403: Environmental taxes as share of total tax revenues by unit, type of tax and reporting country
INDIC106: Life expectancy (number of years) by reporting country, age and sex
INDIC203: Common farmland bird index by reporting country
INDIC101: Demographic trends by reporting country and indicator
LIFE02: LIFE02: Gap in life expectancy between men and women (number of years) by reporting country
INDIC204: Forest fellings and icrement by reporting country and indicator
INDIC109: Gender pay gap (difference in per cent) by sector and reporting country

Scheduled releases